Tuesday, November 1, 2011

No title.

I wish i could be the one who is 'suffer in silence' type..

tend to keep things by myself..
bukan jenis yang suka kecoh-kecoh..
bukan jenis yang suka update status bukan2 kat fb..
bukan jenis yang suka marah2 orang sesuka hati..

do not bother others life..
(sudah cuba kurangkan seboleh2nya, i mean, gossiping other people)

the one who listen more than talk..

the one who do not cause trouble to others..
i use to cause trouble to someone recently, to seek his attention, to make us getting closer, but then i realize it is totally wrong. I make things worse. sorry..

i wish i could be..at least better than who i am now..

because, i am totally not perfect..

p/s: sedih dgn diri sendiri.

enough merapu! pens off.